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Creative Thinking

PowerTruska believes in the cross over between traditional marketing channels such as advertising, graphic design and print media and the challenges of the new digital marketing platforms.

Offering a full service and tailored marketing solutions which best suits the needs of our clients and the penetration of their market sector to maximise the return of investment on their marketing budget.

PowerTruska is the bringing together of two companies each with a unique expertise in its own field. This gives our clients the confidence that whatever challenges they may have for growing their business can be met at the highest level.

From web site design, hosting and digital marketing to advertising, graphic design and brand development - whatever our client’s need, we will deliver.

All things Digital

All Things Digital

Any company seeking to grow and are thinking about their marketing have to consider todays digital platforms and how to best utilise this medium to develop their business.

From brand development and awareness through to product promotion, the digital platforms and social interaction offer a cost effective and complelling route to your desired clients.


Services Include:

  • Web Sites
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • PPC Advertising

Advertising, Design and Print Media

Advertising, Design and Print Media

We live in a brave new world of tablets and smart phones but there is still a place for the traditional media channels. PowerTruska have over 26 years’ experience in advertising, design and print media.

So when it comes to your brand and the challenges it faces in this multi-channel world it is important the agency that you pick has an intrinsic knowledge of all the areas that can help you reach your desired market.

Services Include:

  • Advertising (TV, Radio and Outdoor)
  • Graphic Design
  • Sales Promotion
  • Print Media
  • Brand Development
  • Exhibition

Case Studies

Case Studies

Click on a case study to see samples of our recent work.

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PowerTruska Case Study - Jenny Lindop Bridal Wear

PowerTruska Case Study - Dawson MHE

It's Good to Talk...

It's Good to Talk...

So you know your market, you have your budget what’s next?

At PowerTruska the first thing we like to do is come in and have a chat. We believe that the first meeting and an in-depth conversation talking about your company, products and ethos are pivotal to developing a compelling and effective marketing campaign.

There is no obligation or charge for this first consultation and we find it is a positive way get to know our clients and their business. A successful marketing strategy is built on trust and understanding so why not call or email us today.

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